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Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017
How the Act Affects: Restaurants and Bars including Patios

From: Pam Sweeny
Subject: Smoking - Patios

There is circulation of a memo regarding the Smoke-Free Ontario ACT 2017 and how it affects Restaurants and Bars including Patios:

It states:

EXEMPTION: Uncovered patios created by a branch of The Royal Canadian Legion or another veterans’ organization before November 18, 2013 are exempt from this law provided that they DO NOT permit the smoking of cannabis, or the vaping of cannabis or a controlled substance.

Furthermore it states: However, the smoking and vaping law for tobacco, cannabis and e-cigarettes applies to all patios created by a Legion or veterans organization after November 18, 2013 and any covered or partially covered legion and veteran patio created prior to that date.

Some Legion Branches are misunderstanding the message and believe that if you have a patio built prior to November 18, 2013 that you can smoke cannabis – that Legions’ are exempt. This is far from the truth and you could be subject to fines anywhere from $1,000.00 to $300,000.00

Pamela Sweeny
Executive Director
The Royal Canadian Legion
Ontario Provincial Command
89 Industrial Parkway North
Aurora, ON L4G 4C4



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