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Updated Friday, 21 October 2016 13:18:20 -0400

Virtual Poppy Drop on Parliament Hill

To mark the launch of the 2016 Remembrance period and to strengthen the importance of educational awareness and the collective reminiscence of a grateful nation, Dominion Command has undertaken a significant event to not only help launch the Poppy Campaign, but to continue that visual display of Remembrance on a grand scale.

Starting on Friday, 28 October and continuing each evening throughout the Poppy Campaign, a virtual Poppy Drop of 117,000 Poppies, one for each of Canada’s Fallen, will be projected on the Peace Tower and Centre Block on Parliament Hill.

Many Legion members are familiar with a Poppy Drop, a solemn display of Remembrance as Poppies float down from above. The significance and impact of a Poppy Drop cannot be overstated and Dominion Command will create that sentiment on a larger scale. The virtual Poppy Drop will be a stunning, large-scale reminder to all of the sacrifices of Canadians, with the added significance of having that display on the Peace Tower and Centre Block. In addition to being the seat of Canadian government, Centre Block is…

“…a memorial to the Canadians who fought in the First World War and exhibits through its design a stronger sense of nationhood. Throughout the building there are reminders of its dedication to the valorous fallen soldiers, including a Memorial Chamber at the base of the tower containing a record of each soldier's name. A more discreet reminder is a small engraving on the west wall of the building noting the capture of Vimy Ridge during a decisive battle that had a deep impact on the country's national image both at home and abroad. A new sense of Canadian identity and iconography is evident throughout the building, which features symbolic carvings using materials and motifs from across the country.”
- The Canadian Encyclopedia

The virtual Poppy Drop set against the Peace Tower and Centre Block will be memorable, highly symbolic and especially significant as the Legion perpetuates the memory and deeds of the Fallen.

We Will Remember Them.


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