2020 Poster and Literary Contest Winners from Zone G5

The students who participate in its annual Poster and Literary Contests assist the Legion in one of our primary goals – to foster the tradition of Remembrance amongst Canadians.

Two young high school students have expressed their appreciation of our heroes in a very noble way.

These young women have truly made an undeniable statement of appreciation for our country and all the freedoms we enjoy. We are very proud that our contests give today’s youth from grade one through grade 12 high school an opportunity to express their reflections and gratitude for all that has been done in defence of our country and its values.

Anna Mikhailov, entered the 2020 contest through the Strathcona Branch 595 and placed first at the national level in the Intermediate, Black & White Poster group and category.

With her parents’ support Anna has asked to gift her framed artwork back in appreciation.

Rather than restrict its display to one branch, Zone G5 has requested that it be circulated for display among all of the branches for periods of time.

The final destination of this beautiful rendition of the national cenotaph has yet to be decided.

Ava Butts, entered the 2020 contest through the Orleans Branch 632 and placed second at the national level in the Intermediate Poetry group and category. Ava, through her research of the wars, was deeply moved by the sacrifices made by veterans. She decided on her own but with the full support of her parents, to donate the total of her cash winnings as part of the 2020 Poppy Campaign so that the money would be used strictly for the good of veterans.

A Mother’s Cry

A mother’s cry is something you never want to hear
For it draws people near
This mother’s cry was out of fear
Because her son enlisted in the war and may disappear

As they drive to the train station, the mother has something dear to say
Oh son I love you so much now please don’t go away
She hugs him tightly and tells him her love for him is profound
But she knows he must go to keep his country safe and sound

The letters he sends are too few and too far apart
She can tell war is tearing him apart
She longs to hug him in a blanket of love
And remind him that God is watching over him from up above

Time passes and a man in uniform stands at her door
Holding a red and white flag in a triangular fold
His face is somber, his body stoic
The news he bears was that her son was heroic

I’m sorry to tell you, your son was in the battle of No Man’s Land
She squeezes with pain her husband’s hand
She knows death has come to her son so dear
And slowly fall the silent tears

She hopes that with his last breath
He knew he was loved, his soul at rest
The grief she feels is real and deep
This is the bitter price of war and fighting for peace

And though, years later, she is honoured with the Memorial Silver Cross
All she can think about is the son she lost
And all the other soldiers who have died
Up in heaven they can hear their mothers’ cries

For mothers whose sons have been lost
Fighting for Canada at all cost
Remember their sacrifice so we can be free
Remember so history doesn’t repeat

By: Ava Butts
Grade: 9
School: St Peter’s High School


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