How To Apply For A Bursary

Legion Bursary Application Forms are available at most secondary school guidance offices, and at the financial aid offices of most post secondary education institutions. If you have difficulty locating an application form, contact the Legion branch nearest you.

The responsibility for the completed application form rests with the applicant. If the application is mailed directly to the Ontario command office without the proper information, endorsements, and/or documents, no consideration will be given to it.

The applicant must apply for OSAP. Please see "Conditions" (Who can apply?) for more information.

Please ensure that you have the most recent version of the application. The most recent versions have the date September 1998 in the lower right corner of the last page of the application.

The Royal Canadian Legion reserves the right to authenticate all information pertaining to the application, prior to any decision being given.

Veterans and dependants:

Section B of the application form, eligibility endorsement, is applicable to the veteran, or child/grandchild of a veteran who is not a Legion member. A photocopy of the service papers must be attached to the application.

Members of branches and Auxiliaries and their dependants:

Sections C and D of the application form are applicable to the applicant who is a member, or whose parents or grandparents are members of the Legion or a Ladies' Auxiliary. A branch officer (Secretary/President/Membership Chairman) or Auxiliary Secretary must verify Legion/Auxiliary membership. A photocopy of proof of eligibility may be attached.

Registrar's information:

Section E must be completed by the registrar's office of the university/college/school of instruction.

Additional information - Section 9:

The applicant may take advantage of Section 9 to further demonstrate the need for the bursary and/or supply any information the applicant feels may assist the committee in determining the applicant's need.

What to send in support of the application:

  1. A copy of the OSAP Notice of Assessment must be attached to the application form.

  2. Proof of eligibility if a branch officer or auxiliary secretary does not sign the application form.

  3. Complete all information areas required for the eligibility type of the applicant.

  4. Proof of income for the parents/guardians of the applicant.

Deadline for submission:

The Ontario command office must receive all applications by the last Friday of March in any scholastic year.

Where to send the application:

Send applications to:
The Royal Canadian Legion
Ontario Provincial Command
89 Industrial Parkway North
Aurora, ON     L4G 4C4


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