HMCS Kootenay (The Kootenay Explosion - October 23, 1969)

October month recognizes the tragic and fatal ‘accident’ suffered aboard HMCS Kootenay DDE-258 on October 23rd, 1969 and considered “the worst peacetime accident in the history of the Royal Canadian Navy”.


On that day in 1969, eight women became widows and eighteen children became fatherless.

Several of the surviving crew members from that incident live in the National Capital Region (NCR). Due to age and situation of some, a long journey to Halifax to participate in the annual Commemorative Ceremony is no longer effortless.

The KOOTENAY ribbon: The ribbon is dark blue representing the dark blue of the Royal Canadian Navy; the letters are capitalized representing a “shout out” to those that use social media to convey the message; the letters are white representing the sacrifice of those lives lost on October 23rd, 1969; the rest of the ribbon is blank representing the lives unlived; the pin is straight representing those that unselfishly went to the aid of their comrades in arms; and the ribbon itself is curved and folded representing the timeliness of Remembrance.

It is to be worn on the collar nearest the heart; commencing sunrise the first Thursday in October and removed at sunset on October 23rd.

Ship’s motto: We Are As One

We will remember them, we will remember them...

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