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Change of Command at Zone G5

As of 16:01 hours, May 17th, 2022, our newly-elected Zone Commander, Comrade Stephane Guy, his Deputy Commander, Comrade Brent Craig and our returning Sports Officer, Comrade Jackie Fuchs begin their term on Zone G5 Council.

Best wishes for a successful administration!

Zone G5 Commander
Stephane Guy

Deputy Zone G5 Commander
Brent Craig

Zone G5 Sports & Youth Sports Officer
Jackie Fuchs

To the newly-appointed members of Zone Council, thanks for stepping up and to those members of Council who are returning for another term, we are truly grateful for all you did in the past and good luck for the future.

To those members of past Council who are not returning, thank you for your dedication and hard work. You are greatly appreciated!

A complete roster of our new Council is available here.

A Thank You from the outgoing Zone Commander

Good morning Zone G5 of Ontario Command, Royal Canadian Legion,

At 16:01 today, a new Zone G5 Commander will take the helm of Zone G5. With your support and cooperation, I am more than confident of his success in the next term of office (3 years).

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