Member Outreach Letter to Ministers of Parliament

The Dominion Executive Council, under the leadership of Dominion President Comrade Tom Irvine, is continuing to push the federal government for a financial aid package for Legion branches. I am sending this message on their behalf.

Most branches are ineligible for the COVID-19 financial relief packages already announced by the federal government. That is why DEC has been advocating for months to the government for financial assistance that will help branches with their operational expenses, to help pay the mortgage, rent, utilities and insurance, for example.

On 26 June, we were encouraged when the Prime Minister stated that the government was working with the Minister of Veterans Affairs to try and ensure that they are supporting organizations like the Legion that are so important to Veterans and communities. Yet, weeks later, no confirmation or announcement has been made.

The Legion is continuing its effort. Recently, Comrade Tom issued an op-ed piece that was picked up last week by newspapers in Atlantic Canada. Last Friday, Comrade Tom issued an open letter to every MP in the country, imploring them to work with their colleagues to finalize an aid package.

And now, we are calling on you, our members, to also get involved.

We are undertaking a national letter-writing campaign to make it clear to the federal government and all Members of Parliament that Legion branches are facing a dire situation and financial support is needed.

Attached is a template letter (English - Fran
çais) that we ask every member in the country to complete.

1. Simply fill in the highlighted area with the date, your MPs name, your branch and community and then your name and branch at the end; please note that the square brackets around each area to be filled in will remain visible on your screen but will not print.
2. Then, print the letter and either mail or email the letter directly to your MP the week of 14 September. And remember, there is no postage required when mailing a letter from within Canada to your MP.

We are a proud, 95-year old organization that has never faltered in providing support to Veterans throughout the country; we have donated millions to support our communities and numerous community organizations. But now, Legions are in need. Please encourage every member to join in the letter-writing campaign by letting your MP know Legions need their help. Please send your completed letter the week of 14 September.

In comradeship,

Steven Clark
National Executive Director


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