We still have 23 games to fill and we have run out of nominations. As this is an incredible opportunity to recognize our veterans, it is our duty to do our best to fill them all.  

Serial Date Start time  
1 2022-12-27 7:00 PM 🏒 Boston Bruins @ Ottawa Senators
2 2023-01-01 7:00 PM 🏒 Buffalo Sabres @ Ottawa Senators
3 2023-01-03 7:00 PM 🏒 Columbus Blue Jackets @ Ottawa Senators
4 2023-01-07 7:00 PM 🏒 Seattle Kraken @ Ottawa Senators
5 2023-01-09 7:30 PM 🏒 Nashville Predators @ Ottawa Senators
6 2023-01-18 7:00 PM 🏒 Pittsburgh Penguins @ Ottawa Senators
7 2023-01-21 7:00 PM 🏒 Winnipeg Jets @ Ottawa Senators
8 2023-01-25 7:00 PM 🏒 New York Islanders @ Ottawa Senators
9 2023-01-28 7:00 PM 🏒 Montréal Canadiens @ Ottawa Senators
10 2023-02-11 12:30 PM 🏒 Edmonton Oilers @ Ottawa Senators
11 2023-02-13 7:30 PM 🏒 Calgary Flames @ Ottawa Senators
12 2023-02-17 7:00 PM 🏒 Chicago Blackhawks @ Ottawa Senators
13 2023-02-19 2:00 PM 🏒 St. Louis Blues @ Ottawa Senators
14 2023-02-28 7:00 PM 🏒 Detroit Red Wings @ Ottawa Senators
15 2023-03-04 7:00 PM 🏒 Columbus Blue Jackets @ Ottawa Senators
16 2023-03-16 7:00 PM 🏒 Colorado Avalanche @ Ottawa Senators
17 2023-03-18 7:00 PM 🏒 Toronto Maple Leafs @ Ottawa Senators
18 2023-03-23 7:00 PM 🏒 Tampa Bay Lightning @ Ottawa Senators
19 2023-03-27 7:00 PM 🏒 Florida Panthers @ Ottawa Senators
20 2023-03-30 7:00 PM 🏒 Philadelphia Flyers @ Ottawa Senators
21 2023-04-01 7:00 PM 🏒 Toronto Maple Leafs @ Ottawa Senators
22 2023-04-08 7:00 PM 🏒 Tampa Bay Lightning @ Ottawa Senators
23 2023-04-10 7:00 PM 🏒 Carolina Hurricanes @ Ottawa Senators

Please distribute to your branches for more nominations.

Stephane Guy
Zone G5 Commander




The Royal Canadian Legion received a generous offer from the Ottawa Senators to honour a veteran and up to 9 guests at each of the 41 home games of the season. Lépine Apartments will host the veteran and guests in a private suite and a formal announcement honouring his/her career will be made during the game. For administrative purposes, the definition of a veteran is in accordance with the General Bylaws article 101. D.

Even though the RCL recognizes RCMP members as ordinary members, unfortunately, this offer is to recognize Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veterans and therefore only CAF veterans will be considered.  

As District G has been assigned to select the veterans, the District G Commander is responsible to ensure the veterans are nominated and selected. However, and as the Canadian Tire Center is located within the boundaries of the City of Ottawa, the Zone G5 Commander has been tasked to create a selection committee and to coordinate the participation of all selected nominees. 

The Zone G5 Deputy Commander has been assigned as the Liaison Officer between the veteran and the Ottawa Senators and will co-ordinate all aspects of the registration and the administration process. 


As this is a District G effort, all branches within District G will be invited to submit nominations by a specific date using the applicable submission form and forwarded to the Zone G5 Deputy Commander, Brent Craig by email at: Furthermore, the submissions must follow these guidelines:

1-      All submissions must first be supported by the branch. - Nomination Form in Word document - in Adobe PDF

2-      The President must inform the nominee that he is being nominated. 

3-      The submission must be accompanied by the veteran’s military biography.

4-      The military biography is limited to one page using a minimum font of 11. 

5-      The veteran does not have to be a Legion member but must be sponsored by the local Branch


The members of the Selection Committee are:

1-      Zone G5 Commander – Chair

2-      Zone G5 Deputy Commander – Member

3-      Immediate Past Zone G5 Commander- Member

While reading the military biography, each file will be ranked using a score sheet that will evaluate many factors including the member’s years of service, deployments and overall impression of the member’s file. To maintain fairness and considering that some submissions are members that may have minimum involvement as leaders of a branch, Legion achievements and awards will not be considered.   

There will be two Selection Meetings where each meeting will select approximately half of the 41 home games. 

Once the nominees have been selected, the remaining files will be ranked to create a standby list that will be used in case that a veteran cancels his participation.  


Once the nominees have been selected, the Zone G5 Deputy Commander will contact each veteran to determine the game that is best suited for them. 

It is assumed that the nominees will make every reasonable effort to attend the game.  However, and as the Ottawa Senators requires a minimum of 8 days notice,  a nominee that must cancel his participation, must advise the Zone G5 Deputy Commander as soon as possible in order that another veteran can be offered the opportunity to attend. 

Of note, this program is not subsidized by the RCL and all costs are assumed by the nominees and their guests. 


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